UVA Group Mural Project

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To do this project, I applied for an Instructionally Related Activties grant and was award funds to make it happen.  We hired hired artist Isaias Crow to conduct workshops for us and then worked with Doris Bittar and her painting class. This project took place in Spring of 2011 and there were three murals created in the lobby and halls at the University  Village Apts on the CSUSM college. (These are similar to what our dorms would be like if we had them).

Students learned more than just the techniques of painting, they learned to be team members and team leaders, how to research, plan and design. They learned to put egos aside and collaborate with one another and they learned to communicate with their surrounding community members.

The project was so successful that we are currently working on another project expected to be completed Spring of 2012.

Here is a link to the overall project:

Here is a link to a video created by Aaron Robinson on the first day of painting this mural.


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