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Fly Baby Fly
Fly Baby Fly


I first discovered I wanted to be an artist when I was in Kindergarten. My teacher told everyone in the class that it was “free time” and we could choose any areas of the classroom to play in that we wanted. There was the science discovery area, the miniature kitchen, the reading area, the block building area and so forth, but what caught my attention were two easels with white glossy paper, big fat brushes and various jars of colored paint. My eyeballs immediately zeroed in on these two easels but then, I hesitated.  Were the easels only for the “rich kids” to use?  Was I permitted to use them? Needless to say I wondered my way towards them and ended painting picture after picture. I was in heaven.

Then a few years later, when I was in the 4th grade, I had a crush on a little boy named Bobby. He used to love to draw characters from the Planet of the Apes movies that were very popular at that time (yes, that gives my age away), and since I too, loved to draw, we sat next to each other and became close friends. Bobby used to draw very slow and methodical so even though he was a wonderful sketch artist, he often did not finish his projects. I, on the other hand, loved to draw and paint so much that I worked really fast with stomach churning excitement.  The more I could create, the more I could create!

This part of me hasn’t changed. It’s taken me a long time to actually call myself an artist because I am constantly being told that I need to “find my voice”.  I need to figure out what it is I want to create, what kind of art I want to do, and what kind of artist I want to be.  I need to figure this out and stick with it but I am now in my 40′s and I am still struggling with the same advice I’ve received from numerous people throughout my life.

Why must I do just one thing? Why can’t I dabble in it all? I love to work with clays and plasters. The messier it is the better, the more I sculpt the more I want to. I love to draw in charcoals and pastels one day, and perhaps colored pencils the next.  I paint like there’s no tomorrow and have recently started working in mixed media art that consists of paint, wax, glue, clay, strings, wax, fabric, paper and all sorts of things, all on a single canvas.  This is what I seem to love to do the most.

I enjoy going on photo shoots and find photography and the technical aspects of my camera fascinating.  Through photography I learn about composition, color, and line but I also explore and learn about the world around me. I smell the scents of the earth, the outdoors, and just everyday life.  I taste possibilities and I’m inspired by what I see.

In my graphic design work I learn to communicate.  How do I reach my target audiences to help promote an event, a business or an important message?  I am always up for this challenge and again, I love to explore what I can do.

Ever since that day in Kindergarten I’ve always wanted to be an artist but I’ve also felt it was not in my nature to just paint pretty pictures.   I had to do something with my art. Everyone on this earth has a purpose and everyone has a role that was intended for them to play. For that reason, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my art but I also enjoy giving back to my community. I believe in arts education and the healing of art.

I often wonder, is the creative self something we are born with or is it something that we nurture?  I grew up with a father who constantly drew cartoon pictures of “Bugs Bunny” and he taught me to color outside the lines and to use a color palette that was outside the norm. My mother, the most creative soul I know instilled in me the heart of creativity.  As each day passes, I learn more and more about her, about the creative self and about myself; my mother, the innate creator not to mention, my creator.

Through all the forms of art I can be true, I can be honest, I am whole.


16 thoughts on “About Marilyn

  1. Marilyn, when we worked together and became friends I would always think to myself, you are so good at what you do but there was so much more to your talents and it truly is wonderful to see all that you have done. Your work is truly beautiful as are you. Your passion and love of what you do is remarkable and it shows – you really did “taste your possibilities” …


    1. wow Marian, I am so flattered! Thank you for your sweet comments. I truly enjoy the arts and have really dug my heals into it. I work at Cal State San Marcos now and do a lot of community service especially around the arts. This past weekend we painted some murals for Oklahoma and Boston, it felt very rewarding to show our support.

      I still stay in contact with several folks from UD, I definitely miss those days and the friendships we developed. Hope you are doing well and staying happy! Miss ya! mar’


    1. Thank you Jamie, it’s a fairly large piece and has a lot of emotional value. It’s called “Fly Baby Fly” and it’s in memory of my 16 year old daughter who we lost in 2006. Hidden in the mixed media are images of her as well as other momentos. I absolutely love your work as well and look forward to seeing more of it. Take care and keep in touch!


    1. Hi Joanne,

      I just spotted your comment because I haven’t updated my website i months. Thanks for your kind words now I just have ways to get my artwork out of our garage! haha I so enjoy working with you and happy we have become great friends! mar’


  2. wow amazing work! Really enjoyed going through the various types of art form/media you use. I used to always think Id become an artist when I was younger but somehow the inspiration fizzled away. Always looking for ways to get back into it. My passion though is photography.


  3. I have seen much of your and it seems to me that you are a true artist . Why does an artist have to find just one side of art to be called an artist. In my eyes an artist looks at life and everything in it different thatn the rest of us . So that only makes sense why you dable in more than one thing. Keep it up love seeing your work


  4. Mar,
    Your work is beautiful; imbued with such passion and vision. If I didn’t already know you, I’d swear I did after viewing your body of work. You are an amazing, delightful spirit and I am privileged to have met you. Peace and Love,


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