Bad-As* Women of Art


So Joanne Tawfilis (my friend and art colleague) and I were talking one day about how tired we were and how hard we work to encourage, promote and support the arts in our community. We joked around how we are such “bad-ass women” we are and how we surround ourselves with others who work just as hard and are just as talented so we decided it was the time to host this exhibit in honor of March HERstory month and the International Women’s Day 2016.  Joanne wanted to use my Medusa painting for the flier so I designed it and started promoting the event.  I later met at the Muramid Musuem to install my artwork but Joanne, her husband Fouad and the museum’s volunteers came together to host one of the best art expo’s in North San Diego County.  The arts and performances of over 28 women were showcased but so many more were in attendance along with their friends, families and partners.

Being a part of the art world and among people with so much talent, people with hearts made of gold and people who care about others, is so empowering! This is why I do what I do.





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