Mother Earth Goddess

Mother Earth Goddess

So as I was working on this large piece tonight my daughter approached me and said, “So Mom, what’s her story?” I paused, thought about it and then proceeded to tell her I was inspired to paint her after meeting a woman last Friday who works with women of domestic violence. She told me about some of the struggles and how she’d like to use art as a way to help them heal. So this woman before you is a Goddess. She represents these beautiful women who are forced to be strong. She is a Goddess of Earth, A woman of the world who must see the beauty within herself and know she is worth it.


2 thoughts on “Mother Earth Goddess

    1. ah thanks for sharing that, it means a lot to me. I haven’t yet begun to sell prints, just haven’t managed to do it with fulltime work and painting during my free time but I hope to soon. In the meantime I’ve just sold originals. This is a rather large piece but I’d be happy to commission a piece like this for you, perhaps smaller if you’re interested. Just let me know. You can email me at


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