Red Truck

Red Truck

40″x30″ Canvas with mixed media- January 2012

So I thought it was about time that I started blogging and sharing my work and my art process with others. Afterall, it can’t hurt, right? Perhaps it will be good for me and can serve somewhat as an art journal for me. I can see my progress and perhaps learn more about myself. Here is a mixed media painting I recently created. Once I completed it, I realized that this is at least the fourth truck I’ve painted. For some reason, I am drawn to old trucks. I photograph them and I paint them. To me there is a story behind these old trucks, a story for someone to tell. They remind me of the simple life, life in the south (where I come from). They remind me of grandpas and grandmas. The remind me of “my” grandpa. My husband also drove his Dad’s old blue truck when I first met him. What is it about old trucks? I think they have personality.


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